We Empower Entrepreneurs

“Creating a world where people can live happily.”
The MAKOTO group is a business creation corporation working to create strong businesses from Tōhoku. With the unifying force of “aspirations” guiding us, each company associated with the group is working to create brand new, innovative businesses.


Who We Are

To Make the World a Better Place

Empowerment of entrepreneurs is the key to accelerating revitalization of local communities.
We support active entrepreneurs and start-up ventures to build a society, where every small hope is valued and respected.
Supporting seedling of hope, we are committed to making the world a better place with more and humanity and smiles.


Organization Name
MAKOTO (General Incorporated Association)
Representative Director
Tomohiro Takei CEO
1F, Higashi Nihon Fudosan First Bld., 6-1,
Shimizukoji, Sendai Shi Wakabayashi Ku, Miyagi Ken, 984-0075, Japan
Silicon Valley Office
3350 Scott Blvd. #29 Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA, B-Bridge International, Inc.

Our Work

Hands-on support
MAKOTO is dedicated to supporting the development of competent entrepreneurs through our professional consultation services, which extend from IT companies to agriculture and welfare work. We are deeply committed to our partners – not just as an advisor or consultant, but as a close ally.
Building an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Start-up development is accelerated through our accelerator program, which offers funding, community, opportunities, and expert support. We provide a system to support not only venture companies but also executives with roots in the region and entrepreneurs who are engaged in social business. We have attracted attention from around the country with our innovative ideas and unique strategies.

We’re Here To Support You

Please send your business plan to info@mkto.org with the details of your organization (corporate name, location, name of the person in charge, phone, email).
We will contact you as soon as we review your message.


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